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Chantal Compagnon Age, Height, Family, Net Worth, and Biography

Charles Sobhraj

What to Know About Charles Sobhraj Wife Chantal Compagnon

Chantal Compagnon

Chantal Companion was a French woman best known as the first wife of French serial killer and con artist Charles Sobhraj. Chantal Compagnon was born in Paris in 1945 (aged 77; until 2022). She comes from a conservative Catholic family.

Personal Life Details of Chantal Compagnon

Name Chantal Compagnon
Nickname Chantal
Profession Not Known
Age 77 Years
Date of Birth 1945
Birth Place Paris
Home Town Paris
Nationality French
Religion Catholic

Chantal Companion was born in 1945. In 2022 she will be 77 years old. We don’t have much information about her personal life, like her exact date of birth, her zodiac sign, and others. But as soon as we get some information, we will update this section.

Height, Weight, Body Measurements, and Physical Appearance of Chantal

Chantal Compagnon body

Height In Feet: Unknown
In Meters: Unknown
In Centimeters: Unknown
Weight In Kilograms: Unknown 
In Pounds: Unknown
Body Measurements Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color Black
Shoe Size Unknown

We currently don’t have much information about Chantal Compagnon’s height and weight, but as soon as we have information, we’ll update this section.

Relationship Details of Chantal Compagnon with Charles Sobhraj

Chantal Compagnon husband

Spouse Charles Sobhraj
Daughter Muriel Anouk
Son Pranck
Marriage Date Unknown

In 1969 she went to a party where she met Charles, who introduced himself as a rich man from Saigon and told him about his adventures in the East and Dakar. When he started dating Chantal, he was in a relationship with Chantal Desnoe. Charles then separated from Chantal Denoier to be with the Companion. After a brief affair, Chantal was proposed to by Charles and arrested for stealing a car that same day. At first, Chantal’s parents did not agree with Charles. His parents later accepted their relationship after Charles flaunted the wealth he had amassed through a series of scams. After Charles was released from prison eight months later, the two married.

In 1970, fearing Sobhraj’s arrest by French authorities, the couple fled France with fake documents to Asia. Chantal was pregnant at the time. Along the way, Chantal accompanies Charles in looting tourists. In 1970, the couple arrived in Mumbai, India, where they decided to start a new chapter and leave criminal activity behind. Chantal Compagnon and Charles become parents to a girl by the name of Usha Sobhraj. She is now living with Chantal’s parents. Long missing from crime, Charles has links in auto theft and smuggling. In 1971 the couple fled with their daughter to Kabul to Chantal’s childhood home in Paris. In Kabul, Charles meets a gun smuggler. Chantal, blinded by her love for Charles, flees from place to place with Charles, accompanying him to rob passengers on the hippie route between Europe and East Asia.

Separation of Charles and Chantal Compagnon

Chantal Compagnon

In December 1971, Chantal and Sobhraj likely went to Kabul, Afghanistan. Here Sobhraj reportedly had links in arms smuggling. They may have stopped in Pakistan and Thailand.

According to Tatler, the couple is likely splitting up at this point. As it turned out, Chantal then decided to send Usha back to France – hoping her parents could better care of her – before making plans for herself.

According to another interpretation, Sobhraj’s failed armed robbery in the early 1970s – some sources identified him in 1971, others in 1973 – could be another red flag for Chantal.

For an attempt at robbery at the Ashok Hotel in New Delhi, India, Sobhraj went to jail. He tries to get into the jewelry store from the room just above his head, but the police caught him.

Chantal Compagnon Boyfriend or Husband Details

In 1969 she went to a party. There she meets Charles, who introduces himself as a rich man from Saigon and tells of his adventures in the East and Dakar.

When he first started dating Chantal, he had an affair with Chantal Denoir. Charles then separated from Chantal Denoir to live with Chantal Compagnon. But after a brief relationship, she and Charles married. They have a son and a daughter. His son’s name is Prank. And a girl named Muriel Anouk.

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