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David Ludden and Sarah Ludden Personal Life, Net Worth, and More

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David Ludden is a creator and history specialist from the US. He is a set of experiences teachers at New York College and has recently addressed various foundations. He has likewise composed multiple books, most of them on South Asia and its set of experiences.

David is a dad and a spouse with a little girl. The NYU Worldwide Asia Program is his creation, and he is its chief. His compositions have gotten acknowledgment from pundits everywhere. David White, Betty White’s stepson, is a notable history specialist. We should study the teacher’s experience and individual life.

Early Life and Family of David Ludden

On March 15, 1948, David Ludden was conceived. Allen Ludden and Margaret McGloin were his folks when he was conceived. Allen, David’s dad, was a TV character, entertainer, emcee, and game show in the US. He grew up with his two sisters, Martha Ludden and Sarah Ludden, in Hartford, Connecticut, USA. Allen and Margaret have three kids, the oldest of whom is David. Unfortunately, David’s mom passed on when he was just thirteen years of age. As indicated by specific reports, Margaret was said to have passed on from the disease.

David Ludden

Name David Ludden
Nickname David
Profession Professor
Date of birth 15th March, 1948
Place of birth Hartford, Connecticut
Country of birth USA
Age 75
Nationality American
Gender Male
Zodiac sign Pisces

David’s dad wedded Betty White, an Emmy-winning entertainer, two years after his mom kicked the bucket. From 1966 through 1970, Ludden went to Yale College. Following that, David signed up for the College of Pennsylvania. He procured a Four-year certification in liberal arts and is an Expert in Expressions in South Asia Provincial Examinations at the college. Ludden procured his Ph.D. and a Ph.D. in history from the College of Pennsylvania in 1978. David Martha and Sarah Ludden are sisters of David.


David started working as an associate history teacher at the College of Virginia in 1979 after getting his Ph.D. He addressed for a year at the college before returning to the College of Pennsylvania. From 1981 through 2007, David was a teacher at the College of Pennsylvania. From 1981 until 1987, he was a teacher at the establishment, where he filled in as an associate teacher. In 1987, Ludden was elevated to relate teacher, and he was educated for a considerable length of time before being raised to a full teacher in 1999. Until 2008, he was a teacher at the College of Pennsylvania. From 1992 to 1995, David was the college’s South Asia Department administrator.

David enrolled at New York College in 2007. He started his vocation in the Branch of History as a teacher of political economy and globalization. Ludden likewise works at the Foundation for Public Information as a Senior Individual. David additionally fills in as an Emeritus Teacher at the College of Pennsylvania. He has affiliations with various colleges. In 2005, he worked at BRAC College in Dhaka as a meeting teacher for developmental research.


David has likewise filled in as the overseer of South Asian projects at the College of Pennsylvania, the Fulbright Senior Researchers Program (CIES), New York College, and the Sociology Exploration Board. Besides being a teacher, David worked at the College of Pennsylvania Press from 1997 to 2000 as a proof-reader for the Basic Chronicles book series.


David Ludden is the creator of various works. However, South Asia, globalization, and the treacheries of private enterprise monetary improvement are the sole subjects of his publications and studies.

  • The Psychology of Language: An integrated approach
  • A History of Modern Psychology: The Quest for a Science of the Mind

Children and Wife

David Ludden is a married man, as recently referenced. On December 29, 1994, he wedded Dina Mahnaz Siddiqi, as per specific sources. Like her better half, David Ludden’s significant other is a teacher who needs to keep out of the spotlight. Mohona Sara Siddiqi is the couple’s girl.


David esteems his security and has tried not to talk about his life in the media. However, we trust David focuses on his life and family before long, while Betty White’s stepson goes through his time on earth away from the spotlight.

Wife of David Ludden

The history specialist’s late dad, Allen, and stepmom, Betty, shared a profound association and partook in a blissful marriage for almost twenty years. Both were exceptionally partial to one another and straightforwardly talked about their adoration for one another. In any case, shouldn’t something be said about Betty White’s stepson, David? Has he viewed as his other half?

Indeed, the NYU teacher has stayed hush regarding his undertakings. He will generally avoid the spotlight and thus do his loved ones. In any case, as per Prabook, Ludden is hitched to teacher Dina Mahnaz Siddiqi. She instructs the Personnel of Liberal Examinations at New York College.


A similar site specifies that the pair have been hitched since December 29, 1994. Their comparative professional interests likely fortify both. David Ludden’s better half, Dina’s works center around women’s activist investigations, advancement studies, human studies of everyday freedoms, and so on. She likewise explores work and orientation, Islam and lady, and so forth.

The Net Worth of David Ludden

Ludden is a prominent New York College teacher. As a teacher, he probably raked in some serious cash. He has likewise amassed a sizable fortune from the books he has composed and distributed. David Ludden, Allen Ludden’s child, might not have his dad’s abundance, yet he gives off an impression of finding real success.

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