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Miles Teller’s age, biography, height, net worth & family in 2023

Miles Teller

Miles Teller, whose full name is Miles Alexander Teller, is currently 36 years old young man born on 20 February 1987 in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, United States. He is the Benjamin of the family (The youngest child). As his birthplace is the United States, he holds American nationality. Miles’s Zodiac sign is Pisces. Miles’ ethnicity is White.


Miles Teller a celebrity in the USA. Everyone wants to know more about him & more as he is getting more popular. You can get basic information about him by reading a table or if you want to know detailed information about him read the article till it ends.

Name Full Name: Miles Alexander Teller
Nick Name: Miles Teller
Gender Male
Marital Status Married
  • American Actor
  • Musician
Date of Birth February 20, 1987
Age 36 Years
Birthplace Downingtown, Pennsylvania, United States
Current Residence USA
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Complexion Fair
Horoscope Pisces

Educational Details:

Miles Teller got their high school education from Lecanto High School in Lecanto, Florida. Afterward, he was admitted to New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts to get a Bachelor of Fine Arts in acting. He graduated from the University of New York in 2009.

Education School: Lecanto High School, Florida
University: University of New York


Miles Teller was interested in acting since childhood & hence he started working to fulfill his dream at his school. During school, he participated highly in extracurricular activities such as dramas & sports. During high school, he was the president of the school drama club.

During his University, he got training & sharpen his skills in acting. After a long struggle, he got the chance & at last, made his first feature film debut in 2010 & play the role of Jason in the drama Rabbit Hole. Afterward, he got more offers & started working as an actor in different films & dramas.

Miles Teller Age


As told earlier, Miles was the president of the school’s drama club there; he also learned to play alto saxophone, drums, piano, and guitar. He was also the drummer for his local youth group’s church band. All it shows is that he tried very hard to achieve his life goals & to become a successful man.


Professionally, Miles Teller is an actor & musician. He fulfills his dreams after a great struggle. As it is famous, “Without some goals and some efforts to reach them, no man can live.”

The same thing happened to Miles he tried very hard to achieve his life goals & today he is successful in achieving his life goals & now he is a famous actor and a good musician. Miles is famous for his roles in Whiplash, The Divergent Series, and Top Gun: Maverick.’

Profession Musician


Miles Teller is the son of Mike Teller, a nuclear power plant engineer. On the other hand, mother Merry Flowers is not only a housewife but also a working woman who handles her home & office together. Merry is a real estate agent (a person who sells and rents out buildings and land for clients).

Miles’s parents’ struggle urges him to struggle hard & hard to achieve high goals in life & become a successful man. He chips off the old block to achieve his life goals.

Parents Father: Mike Teller
Mother: Merry Flowers


Miles Teller has two elder sisters

Siblings Dana Teller
Erin Teller

Dana Teller:

There is not much information available about Dana Teller on the internet. However, it is found that she is a doctor; nothing more can be found about her. She is famous just being the sister of Miles Teller.

Miles Teller Age

Erin teller:

Erin Teller is famous for being the sister of popular actor Miles Teller because she is the sister of a renowned personality in the USA. Erin has made her name in business as she worked with notable companies.

Along with working as a business woman she also works with different charitable organizations. After a few searches, it is found that Erin was born on December 20, 1985, & currently, she is 36 years old, but early in 2023, she will become 37 an old woman. Erin’s zodiac sign is SAGITTARIUS, while her birthplace is Pennsylvania.

Miles Teller Age

Miles Teller’s Wife:

Keleigh Sperry is Miles Teller’s wife. Keleigh was born on 16 October 1992 in Orange County, California, USA. Currently, she is 31 years young. As she was born in the United States, she holds American nationality. She is a famous actress & model in the USA. Her zodiac sign is Libra. She is famous for her role in Taylor Swift: I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor’s Version) (2021) and Dance (2017).

Name Full Name: Keleigh Sperry
Nick Name: Sperry
Parents Father: Rand Sperry
Mother: Rosemary White
Marital Status Married
  • American Actor
  • Model
Date of Birth October 16, 1992
Age 31 Years
Birthplace Orange County, California, USA
Social Media Presence Instagram
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Complexion Fair
Physical Appearance Height: 5ft 7in
Weight: 58kg
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown

Miles Teller & Keleigh Teller:

Miles met Keleigh first time in 2013 at an after-party for the Black Keys. Based on specific interviews with Miles, it is found that it was the first sight of love. The couple dated for four years. In an interview in 2017, he also told his close friend that he thought she was the only one when he first saw her. In the same year, he also proposed to Keleigh on a safari in South Africa.

Afterward, they attended a few parties & awards as an engaged couple. Their fans were anxiously waiting for their marriage as they had been in a relationship for a long time. However, Keleigh married Miles on September 1, 2019, in Maui, Hawaii, after a long journey at the Ritz Carlton Kapalua Hotel. It was a destination wedding, and the couple enjoyed it a lot.

Miles Teller Age

Net Worth:

As Miles Teller, a famous actor & singer in the USA, everyone is so curious about the net worth of Miles in 2023. Based on a few searches, it is found that only MilesTeller’s net worth is 16 million dollars, which he earned through his different film projects.

Net Worth $16 Million


Miles Teller is not only famous for being an actor or musician, but he is also a social media star as he has 123K Followers on Instagram on 122 posts & has only 20 Following. His official Instagram account is @miles.teller. You can search for it or can view his pictures & videos, which he posted on Instagram.

Instagram Profile

Miles Teller, the God Father:

Miles Teller played the role of Albert S. Ruddy in the movie THE OFFER, an American biographical drama miniseries. Its first episode was made on air on April 28, 2022, & it ran for 10 episodes. Miles’s character was offered to produce a movie, GODFATHER, in this series. To make GODFATHER, he faced the mafia. It was the hit series because, in this series, Miles has to go to incredible lengths to make a movie GODFATHER.

Physical Appearance:

Miles Teller, as told earlier by a famous actor, is 6′ 1″ height while his weight is 185 lbs. His eye color is Dark brown. On the other hand, his hair color is also dark brown. He is only 36 years old and looks so good with all those features.

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