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Rehnuma Bhati Age, Height, Family, Net Worth, and Biography

Rehnuma Bhati Age, Height, Family, Net Worth, and Biography

What You Need to Know About Rehnuma Bhati

Rehnuma Bhati

Rehnuma Bhati (Riyaz Bhati’s wife) Riyaz Bhati’s Gymnastics Team (Often seen with Dipa Karmakar). Another name for her is (Sunil Parab). Rahnuma Bhati accuses her husband of having sex with Hardik Pandya and Munaf Patel. They are accused of intimidation, which they complained about at Santacruz, a police station, on September 24 and 21. Munaf Patel is unknown, but Hardik Padya is often seen with his Sauhar Riyaz Bhati, which may justify Rahnuma Bhati’s claims.

As a result, Hardik Pandya’s problems can escalate. The reason is that Hardik Pandya is often seen with her husband. Rehnuma Bhati is the wife of gangster Riyaz Bhati, a close friend of gangster Daoud Ibrahim. She made headlines in 2021 by claiming several high-profile cricketers and politicians abused her with her husband’s approval.

Biography of Rehnuma Bhati

Rehnuma Bhati

Rehnuma Bhati reports that her husband Riyaz Bhati, a suspected gangster, encouraged her to enter into intimate or physical relationships with her business associates and other “high-profile” individuals. However, Rehnuma Bhati did not mention the addresses of the people she accused of rape. In addition, also about the specific locations or dates on which the reported incidents occurred.

She identified Patel and Pandya as cricketers and described Shukla as the former chairman of the Control Board for Cricket in India (BCCI). Rehnuma Bhati’s age is 34.

Rehnuma Bhati, Wife of Riyaz Bhati

Rehnuma Bhati's Husband

She is the wife of one of the most notorious gangsters, Riyaz Bhati. He is one of the close associates of gangster Daoud Ibrahim. The couple has two children, a son. named Abdullah Bhati and Ibrahim Bhati. However, the couple separated in 2016, and it was revealed that later in 2019, she was kidnapped and forced to have physical relations with several men.

Rehnuma Bhati Rape Case Details

Rehnuma Bhati's rape case

She filed a complaint at the Santa Cruz Police Station in Mumbai in September 2021. In addition, accusing her husband of forcing her into physical relationships with other men in 2011-2012 and with several world sports and political celebrities. The names include Hardik Pandya, Munaf Patel, Congress politician Rajiev Shukla, Prithviraj Kotari, and others.

She also accused her husband of using her private photo to blackmail her for having had a physical relationship with another man for more than 15 years. Moreover, also threatened to kill her and her children if she didn’t cooperate. According to Rehnuma, even the police did not register her complaint and did not take the necessary action.

Educational Details of Rehnuma Bhati

Rehnuma Bhati Education

Rehnuma Bhati Education

Rehnuma Bhati must have received her primary and secondary education only in Mumbai. There is no information about the school or college she attended if any.

Career Details

Rehnuma Bhati is a housewife, so she does not work anywhere.

Rehnuma Bhati Parents and Social Media Details

She was born in Mumbai. Apart from that, there are no details about his family background or siblings, if any. Moreover, she is not on any social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter.

Some Interesting Facts About Rehnuma Bhati

Rehnuma Bhati

Rehnuma Bhati is the wife of underworld helper Don Daoud Ibrahim. She claims of forcefully had sex with prominent cricketers. The names include Hardik Pandya and Munaf Patel. She reportedly made a complaint to Santacruz Police in October. Here’s everything you need to know about Rehnuma Bhati’s rape case.

In her complaint, the woman claims that her husband Riyaz forced her into prostitution for more than 15 years. She added that he claimed he had sensitive material, including photos and videos, to blackmail him.

Her husband also threatened her, saying he would kill her two children if his demands were unmet. The people he had sex with include names such as Rajiv Shukla, former chairman of the Indian Premier League (IPL) and Indian National Congress (INC) politician.

An investigation is ongoing, according to ANI. However, she did not provide details such as the time and place in her rape complaint. Her complaint also accuses her husband, Riaz, of raping her.

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