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Robie Uniacke Age, Wikipedia, Net Worth and More

Robie Uniacke

Robie Uniacke is a notable figure in the public eye because of his status as the beau of the famous entertainer Rosamund Pike. In addition, Uniacke is both a mathematician and a finance manager. Anyway, how much precisely does Robie Uniacke net worth is? They have been together for nearly 10 years and a half. He laid out the confidential venture company referred to as RJU Possessions and filled in as its CEO. Also, he has stood firm on the footing of administrator at the after-creation business Molinare, which is in London.

Early Life of Robie Uniacke

Robie Uniacke is a money manager and a mathematician scientist in the UK. He is most famous as the long-lasting accomplice of English entertainer Rosamund Pike of ‘Gone Young lady’ acclaim. Rosamund Pike has on numerous occasions credited Robie Uniacke’s ‘shrewd brain’ for aiding her emphasis on her profession and shaping how she moves toward her characters. The entertainer respects him for his “mind, insight, and contemptuousness” and credits him for making her bold. Robie Uniacke, the English born birthdate is March 9, 1961.

Robie Uniacke

A finance manager, Robie Uniacke, was responsible for upwards of three organizations in 2008, as per a ‘Dailymail UK’ report. He later settled the IT consultancy organization Pale Fire Ltd. in 2010. Notwithstanding, the organization was declared wiped out and broken down in 2016. Nonetheless, many insights regarding Robie’s initial profession as a financial specialist or his obscure standing as a ‘numerical scientist’ are obscure. Unfortunately, this is all the information we have from Robie Uniacke Wikipedia. Robie Uniacke age is 62.

Name Robie Uniacke
Nickname Rob
Profession Mathematical Researcher & Businessman
Date of birth March 9, 1961
Place of birth England, UK
Traits Positive; Compassionate, and Kind soul

Negative; Overthink, low self-esteem, and lazy

Age 62 Years
Nationality British
Sun Sign Pisces
Ethnicity Caucasian


Be that as it may, as per sources, he was brought into the world in 1961 in Hertfordshire, Britain. His dad is Robie David Corbett Uniacke, while Jennifer Sally Cunningham is his mom. Camila Alexander is his sister, and Casper John Uniacke and Kate Uniacke are his stepbrothers. He, in this manner, has English citizenship and a place with a Caucasian identity. He has been keen on math and went to Eton College in Windsor.

Robie Uniacke was brought up by his folks in Windsor, Britain, and showed an early interest in maths, tackling errands and issues quicker than his friends. Nonetheless, following his relationship with his folks, it appears that he was given all the consideration and fortune and shipped off to a decent school for his examinations. He went to Windsor High School and afterward to Eton College, a tuition-based school. He graduated with a four-year certification in Math, in 1983, from Eton College.

Education Eton College, Windsor

Professional Life of Robia Uniacke

Robie Uniacke worked for various counseling and money firms before laying out his Pale Fire Ltd. data innovation (IT) firm in 2010. In this way, he additionally served on its top managerial staff. Be that as it may, the organization opted for non-payment in 2016 and was shut down that very year. Purportedly, he had neglected to pay a sum of £179,602 in duties to HMRC. As indicated by the outlet’s report, the record of his broke down organization was overdrawn by £133,000. It likewise expressed that he had no other pay or resources except for a proposal of £25,000 ‘in full and last settlement of the overdrawn … account… by an outsider’.

Strangely, he conceded making no payments to HMRC since July 2012 despite getting £260,508 in his record during the two or three years. In addition, as per his assertion, he utilized £144,060 of that cash, £10,514 on cell phones, and £25,154 on different payment and bank charges.

Robie Uniacke

Net Worth of Robie Uniacke

It is assessed that Robie Uniacke net worth is nearly $10 million. Robie Uniacke is an effective finance manager and business visionary. He was the cerebrum behind the effective business training organization Succeeds, which he established. Furthermore, he has experience working in investment banking and the funding business. Likewise, he has worked in acting and modeling enterprises.

Net Worth $10 Million

Personal Life of Robie Uniacke

The Die Another Day entertainer had a few on-and-off connections until meeting Robie Uniacke at a fete party in 2009. Two or three keep the majority of their association hidden. Pike calls Uniacke a women’s activist who upholds orientation fairness. She accepts his sweetheart, persuades her, and assists her with taking care of her concerns. Pike generally gloats about his man’s help and understanding.

Robie Uniacke and Rosamund Pike had a few bombed sentiments before the gathering. Notwithstanding being 18 years more established than Pike, separated from two times, and the dad of four youngsters, Uniacke’s humor, mind, perkiness, and extraordinary association make him the ideal fit for her. Two or three have persevered through difficulty for very nearly 11 years. Regardless of his grieved past, Pike loves Robie.

The pair lives in a Georgian chateau in Islington, London, with their young men Solo Uniacke, brought into the world on May 6, 2012, and Particle Uniacke, brought into the world on December 2, 2014. They are unmarried. Notwithstanding their prospering family, the team doesn’t appear anxious to wed. Rosamund says she enjoys having a youngster without being hitched. Robie is sans drug now. He seems to be genuinely OK with Rosamund Pike.

Parents Robie David Corbett Uniacke

Jennifer Sally Cunningham

Grand Parents No Information
Siblings Camilla Uniacke, Caspar Uniacke, and Kate Uniacke
Marital Status Divorced
Spouse Emma Howard (1983-1988)

Rose Batstone (divorced)

Rosamund Pike (2009- till date)

Children Robie Jonjo Uniacke, Olive Uniacke, Hector Uniacke, Florence Uniacke, Solo Uniacke, and Atom Uniacke
Social Media None
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Dark Brown
Religion Christianity

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