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How to Create a Unique Game App in a Highly Competitive Industry

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Do you think about how to make a game app that becomes popular – or at least enough to generate decent passive revenue? In this article, we will explore how to create a game app that stands out (based on long-standing Topflight Apps’ research).

How to Make a Game App: Things to Consider

Understand and Outline Your Skills

Designing a game requires many skill sets, some of which you may not have. Programming, research, graphics design, 2D & 3D animation, sound design, marketing, and music composition are some skill sets you will need to make your own game app. List your strengths and determine what roles need to be outsourced. You also need to consider funding, legal, and accounting.

Market Research

Before producing a game, you must research the market. Today, mobile games are played by almost all age demographics. The average mobile gamer is 36 years, and 51% of the number are female, while 49% are males. A third of all mobile gamers are from 35 – 50 years.

Game Popularity

• Casual games like Candy Crush and Angry Birds occupy the top spot. These games are easy to download and very easy to learn and play.

• First-person shooter games like Overwatch and Destiny come in second place.

• Role-playing games: Final Fantasy and Elder Scrolls are third.

• Battle Royal games: Fortnite and PUBG.

Game Ideas

When creating game apps, the first idea can be better, so you must brainstorm with your team and other professionals.

– Research the market and speak with potential audiences. For example, if your proposed game resembles Candy Crush, you can ask people one thing they would change about Candy Crush, and that’s your USP cue.

– Think about the story, characters, and even soundtracks.

– Low-risk games have a wider audience net, so develop a low-risk game idea that is easier to implement.

– Consider funding. Sometimes your first game will be a low-risk 2D gameplay with interesting characters and an excellent storyline. Whatever you go with, ensure it falls below budget and is easily achievable (especially for newcomers).

– Your game should be


Creating a game aims to give users a great time and make money. The latter is just as important as the former. Below are monetization options when you make an app game:

• One-time purchase: Users get to pay for the game just once and can use it for a lifetime.

• Ad revenue: With ad revenue, users can download your game for free but must watch ads to play the game. This structure annoys most players, so game developers offer an ad-free version of their games.

• In-app purchases: Developers make money by listing assets like characters, power-ups, equipment, and outfits.


Design Document

A design document comprises all ideas, including design layout, characters, storyline, game architecture, and more. The document helps the rest of the team see the big picture and the little details.

Publishing Platform

The two major platforms for mobile applications and games are the Google Play store for Android and Apple Store for iOS.

– The Google Play Store charges a $25 one-time fee to host your mobile game on their platform. Apple Store charges $99 per year.

– Google Play Store has an easier entry. Apple has stringent requirements for apps and games that want to launch on the Apple Store.

– Apple Store does more to promote new apps and games and uses the keyword model. With the keyword model, you can submit lists of keywords you want your app to rank for, and when players type in those keywords, your app will appear. Google Play only queries users’ searches on app titles and descriptions (which is restrictive).


Once you determine your game and the platform, you must find the perfect tools and experts to create a game app. Follow these tips:

1. For Android games, Java is the native programming language, and swift is the native programming language for iOS games.

2. Android Studio is the official studio for developing Android apps, and Xcode is used on Mac.

3. You need experts with game engines like Unity, Unreal Engine, and Cocos.

4. You need 2D and 3D graphic designers.

5. For 3D games, you need a 3D modeling software engineer who is an expert in 3DS Max, Maya, and Blender 3D.

6. Sound: You need a digital audio workstation and tools like Cubase, FL Studio, Ableton Live, and Reaper.



Your plan must be extensive when thinking about how to make a game app. There are many game apps on Google Play Store and Android Store, but the best stand out for their uniqueness and grand appeal to their respective audience.

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