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5 ways to find someone’s date of birth for free on the internet


Have you ever found yourself wondering how to find someone’s date of birth without asking them directly? You’re not alone. Many people are curious about this information for various reasons, such as surprising a friend with a birthday gift or verifying someone’s age. Luckily, the internet offers several free options to help you find a person’s birthday for free. In this article, we’ll explore five ways and learnĀ how to find DOB of a person

Social Media Platforms

We can’t skip the go-to options for many individuals looking to find birth dates. I personally use Facebook, but many people post their bios on Instagram.


The most popular social media platform, Facebook, is a goldmine of personal information. Many users share their birth dates on their profiles, so searching for their names and checking their “About” section can be a great way to look up someone’s birthday for free.


Although Instagram is more focused on sharing images, users may post pictures or stories related to their birthdays. By following their account and scrolling through their posts, you might be able to spot clues about their special day.


Twitter users often tweet about their birthdays, so using the platform’s search function to find their tweets can help you uncover their birth date. Try searching their username along with keywords like “birthday” or “born.”


Online Public Records

Government Websites

Government websites often maintain public records, including birth records. Depending on the country or state, you can access these records and learn how to find someone’s birthday online for free. Keep in mind that some jurisdictions may require a fee or limit access to certain information.

Voter Registration Records

Voter registration records are another public information source that may contain birth dates. While access to these records varies by location, you can try searching your local government’s website or visiting a local election office to request this information.

Search Engines

People still use search engines, yes! And they are helpful.


Google is a powerful tool for finding information, including birth dates. By entering a person’s name along with keywords like “date of birth” or “birthday,” you might discover relevant results. Don’t forget to try different variations of their name and relevant keywords.


Bing is also a search engine worth trying if you want someone’s birth date. Like Google, use the person’s name and keywords to refine your search and increase your chances of finding the information you’re after.

Birthday Lookup Websites

Knowing how to find out someone’s birthday without asking them is turned into a business by some websites. Let’s see which they are.


This website allows you to find a person’s birthday for free by entering their full name and the state they live in. While the database isn’t comprehensive, it’s still a valuable resource for finding birth dates, especially for people living in the United States.


DOBSearch.com is another website that specializes in providing birth dates. Although some of the services on this site require payment, you can still find someone’s date of birth using the free “People Search” feature. Simply enter the person’s name and location to start your search.

Online Communities and Forums

Online forums are not for boomers; sorry to disappoint, and they can be quite valuable sources of information. Let’s see why.


Reddit, the popular online discussion platform, has various subreddits dedicated to helping people find information. Subreddits are a great place to find whatever you need. Keep in mind that Reddit users value privacy, so be respectful and avoid sharing too much personal information.


Quora is a question-and-answer website where users can ask questions and get answers from experts and knowledgeable community members. By posting a question about finding someone’s birth date, you might receive helpful suggestions from other users who have successfully found someone’s birthday online for free.



With the diverse resources obtainable online, you can successfully find someone’s date of birth without spending a dime. There are multiple ways to uncover this information, from social media platforms and search engines to public records and dedicated websites. Just remember to respect people’s privacy and use the information responsibly.

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