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Nezuko Kamado Age Anime Full demon form, Cute, Chan

Nezuko Kamado Age Anime Full demon form, Cute, Chan

One of the most loved anima figures in the demon-themed anime series Demon Slayer is Nezuko Kamado. She is considered to be the major reason for Tanjiro’s decision to transform into Demon Slayer, which is the basic theme of the manga and nezuku anime.

The question is, does nezuku become human? Muzan Kibutsuji converted Nezuko’s demon form, but her metamorphosis never got completed, and even though she often lacked self-control, she remained a supporter of the Nezuku Demon Slayers.

The appearance of Nezuko Kamado in full form:

Nezuko Kamado

Her fans call her Nezuko cute. A beautiful girl child, fair complexion, noticeable huge, protruding fangs, and sharp, stiletto nails with a light pink base and ombre fading to a reddish-pink color at the tip where they point. The birthday of our favorite nezuko anime is on  December 28th, and the nezuko age is 12 years.

She is tall and weighs just 45 kg. she is lean and intelligent with a beautiful body shape.

The pupils of her noticeably long eyelashes can appear slit as she transforms. She has soft-looking, pale pink eyes that appear lighter in hue around the rims of their irises, tilted downward toward the sides of her face.

Nezuko chan has long, wavy, black hair. It appears to be crimped into broad, straight ridges and severely worn side-swept to her left. It is just below her waist and turns a flame-orange color as it crosses her elbows.

Gender Female
Genre Nezuku anime
Nezuku age 12 years
Race Demons (Humans in the start)
Height 153 cm
Weight 45 kg
Skin tone Fair
Eye color Pale pink (Demon)

Dark pink ( human)

Hair Color Black human

Black  and orange ( nezuku Demon)

The personality of Nezuku humans and Nezuku demons:

Nezuko Kamado demon

Like her older brother Tanjiro, Nezuko’s original human demeanor was that of a good and compassionate girl who put others before herself. She was also a good older sister to her younger siblings. Nezuko isn’t hesitant to put herself in danger; even after returning to a human state, she still defends her companions from demons.

Nezuko’s Demon begins as any other demon would—bloodthirsty and ravenous for human flesh—but after witnessing her brother’s desire to shield her from a Demon Slayer even though she is a demon, she entirely transforms and becomes fiercely protective of him.

Since transformation nezuku demon seems to have gained more confidence and does not seem to be afraid of conflict; nezuku full demon form aggressively protects her brother and her allies. She has also acquired a strong will, as evidenced by her refusal to ingest human flesh or blood despite severe injuries or exposure to it, as witnessed when she rejects Sanemi Shinazugawa after he tries to entice her into biting him with his Marechi blood.

Family information of Nezuku chan:

Nezuko Kamado family

Nezuku demon comes from a big family. Her father’s name is Tanjuro Kamado, and her mother is Kie Kamado. She has four brothers and one sister. She is married to Zenitsu Agatsuma.

Father Sanjuro Kamado
Mother Kie Kamado
Older brother Tanjiro Kamado
Younger brother Takeo Kamado
Younger brother Shigeru Kamado
Younger brother Rokita Komodo
Younger sister Hanako Kamado
Husband Zenit Agatsuma

Abilities of nezuko full form and nezuku Demon:

Nezuko demon is a highly potent demon. Her most notable characteristics are her rapid growth rate and the fact that she doesn’t require human blood to thrive.

Nezuku demon slayer is fast and quick. This is demonstrated in numerous battles throughout the series, where nezuku Demon was able to win despite being initially outmatched by her adversaries. In difficult circumstances, she has demonstrated the ability to beat her adversaries by boosting her physical prowess, her regeneration, or the development of her own Blood Demon Art.

Nezuko differs from all other demons due to several distinctive demonic characteristics. Nezuko’s demon ability to perpetually replenish her power is perhaps what sets her apart from other demons, who would have to do so by sucking human blood.

Instead, she relies only on sleep to replenish her strength, even though doing so would require significant sleep time. Nezuko’s demon full form also has a remarkable development rate, which is demonstrated repeatedly when she gains strength without training or by feeding humans.

The fighting style of Nezuko’s Demon:

Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko chan used her strong legs and pointed nails a lot when fighting. She had the fighting prowess to repel many demons before them, including the Upper-Rank demons in the Twelve Kizuki. She doesn’t employ her Blood Demon Arts as much because doing so could cause her to pass out.

Nezuko Blood Demon Art:

Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art enables her to produce and control unique, pinkish demonic flames made from her blood. Nezuko’s full form can ignite her blood or pay it out of thin air. Her flames possess a unique quality that renders them fully safe to humans and other objects while only being detrimental to demons and entities with demon origins.

This was demonstrated by the fact that while Tanjiro and the Mugen Train were unaffected by her fire, it did not affect Enmu’s dream spell, Genya Shinazugawa, who had devoured demons, or Rui’s threads.

Daki was temporarily unable to regenerate after being scorched by her flames, demonstrating how these flames of purification have been known to hinder the regeneration of demons to some extent.

When it comes to using her Blood Demon Art, Nezuko demon slayer has proven to be quite skilled. She has lit demons on fire to increase the power of her attacks, burned through Gyutaro’s poison to save Inosuke and Tengen Uzui from death, and even turned Tanjiro’s Nichirin Sword bright red to give him a crucial advantage over Hantengu’s clones.

How Does Nezuko Regain Her Humanity?

Does Nezuko die? The answer is No. The transformation of Nezuko demon into a human takes place in the Sunrise Countdown Arc, the second half of the Final Battle Arc, in which the Demon Slayer Corps vanquish Muzan.

Nezuko wakes up in the mid of the action as if nezuko full form has some sort of insight into the conflict between Tajiro and Muzan’s. The nezukos gif runs into the forest as Sakonji asks the nezuko’s cute what’s wrong, seeming to be concluded fromTanjiro and knowing of his coming unfortunate.

Kiriya shouts for her to be lifted up as she is distressed and unsure what to do. Kiriya then releases Nezuko as she recalls her father’s advice to let her do as she pleases. Urokodaki is still pursuing Nezuko, but he cannot keep up with her speed. She then lands safely in the trees below after leaping off a cliff. Nezuko runs into the city, and she starts to change drastically.

Her hair once more turns exclusively black, and her right eye transforms back into a human eye. Nezuko grows furious as she recalls Muzan killing her family. Then she recalls how Tanjiro, terrified and in a frantic attempt to save her life, carried her through the snow.

She recalls every ally and friend she met along the way and all the special times they had together, including the time Sanemi stabbed her.

Some more facts about Nuzeko’s full form:

  • The race of Nuzeko cute is Demon.
  • Nuzeko age is 12 years.
  • In season 2, nezuko age is 14 years.
  • Nuzeko gif has four grandchildren.
  • Muzan killed the family of Nuzeko’s full form.
  • Nuzeko demon has a rapid growth rate.
  • Nezuko’s full-form transformation into a human takes place in the Sunrise Countdown Arc.
  • The only competitor of Nezuko gif is Urokodaki.
  • Nezuku’s full form aggressively protects both her brother and others from the evils of demons.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How old is nuzeko?

Nuzeko age is 12 years.

  1. How old is nezuko in season 2?

Nuzeko is 14 years old in season 2.

  1. Why does nezuko have bamboo?

Nezuko bamboo is to hide her demon things from the world.

  1. Does nezuko become human?

She was starting to change at this point. Nezuko passed out for several hours in Urokodaki’s place after a succession of incidents and difficulties. Nezuko finally awakens in chapter 196, and it is shown that she has fully returned to being a human.

  1. Does nezuko anime die?

She does not die, and she transforms into a demon after a sound sleep.


Nezuko anime is one of the most important characters in the anime series Demon Slayer with a demon theme. Muzan Kibutsuji transformed into a Nezuko demon, but her transformation was never complete. Despite her occasionally erratic behavior, she continued to support the Nezuku Demon Slayer.

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