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Use For My Talent ,Cast, Season 2, Netflix

Use For My Talent ,Cast, Season 2, Netflix

Use for My Talent” is a new Chinese romance drama that was released in 2021, with the lead actors  Shen Yu and Liu Yihao.

The drama centers on a young woman named Shi Shuangjiao who strives to provide for her family. However, because he despises dust, President Gu Renqi continues to bring up her problems.

Use For My Talent

All possible details of Use For My Talent Netflix:

Movie title Use For My Talent
Writer Cai Cong
Director Cai Cong
Language Chinese
Year of release 2021
Run time From May 9th
Net work Mangguo TV
Total number of episodes 24
Original Soundtrack Use For My Talent OST
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Use For My Talent Case:

·         Shen Yue as Shi Suangjiao ( lead role)

She doesn’t care about how she looks and believes that having a good job is highly important. She desires a position with Gu Renqi’s business.

·         Jasper Liu as Gu Renqi ( lead role )

He despises filthy individuals. He wants to use robots in place of his current workforce. But he will eventually run into the filthy female Shi Shuangjiao.

·         Dai Yun Fan as Lu Xian
·         Yan An as Shi Junjie
·         Su Meng Di as Zhu Yan
·         Lin Bai Rui as Li Dongxian

·         Huang Si Rui as Wang Jiejie

·         Xiao Ran as Hu Yu
·         Qi Sheng Han
·         Tan Quan as Wu Wan



Gu Renqi is myophobic and has a closed-off mentality as a result of his dysfunctional home. Shuang Jiao once had a contented family; however, after losing her mother in a vehicle accident, she turned into a slovenly individual. When Shuang Jiao joined Gu Renqi’s cleaning company as an employee, the two became friends. As they got to know one another, the two grew closer. They started to recover from their injuries thanks to the effect of one another. Up until Shuang Jiao learns that Gu Renqi’s grandfather is connected to her mother’s passing, everything is going according to plan. Gu Renqi breaks up with Shen Jiao out of guilt. However, a police inquiry revealed that the driver, who was working for the Gu family and had framed Gu Renqi’s grandfather, was the one who caused the accident.

Use For My Talent

Climax of Use For My Talent  ( Surprise !)

Use For My Talent has a happy climax. In a hot air balloon, Ren Qi makes a second marriage proposal to Shuang Jiao. They kiss as the drama comes to a close after she accepts. After 24 episodes, the finale is satisfying. With the encouragement of Shuang Jiao, Ren Qi was able to mend his tense relationship with his grandfather and has also seen significant improvement in his mysophobia disorder.

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